Integrated After School Programs

A well-rounded, structured alternative to standard after-school activities.

Your kids get everything they need with our Integrated After School Program

We know you want an After School Program that serves and supports your child’s complete development. The problem is, most programs only focus on ONE THING, such as sports, academics, or playtime, lacking the whole spectrum of support that your child needs.

That’s why parents love that our Integrated After School program should be structured to provide well-rounded support and activities, which is why our Integrated After School Program weaves together the physical, social, and academic foundations critical to your child’s successful development.

Here's How The Program Works:


We pick up your kids from school and take them to one of our
Martial Arts studios.


Upon arrival, they have time for structured play (supervised and safe socialization). Next, comes homework time (instilling ethics of responsibility), followed by martial arts (teaching them discipline, self-defense, and respect).


You pick up your child with peace-of-mind knowing you have time to focus on spending quality time with them, rather than worrying if they’ve started their homework or have been active enough.

Experience the AMAA Difference With Our Integrated After School Program:

  • Complimentary School Pick-Up by Safe Drivers
    Save time and worry with streamlined care; see our extensive list
    of school pick-ups below.
  • Structured, Productive Program
    Experience less stress knowing your kids are finishing their
    homework, socializing, and learning the values of discipline and
    respect in a positive environment no bullies allowed!
  • Fully Vetted, Full-Time Instructors
    Rest easy knowing there are responsible adults ensuring your
    kids are safe all staff have been CPR-Trained and Live Scanned
    with thorough background checks.
  • Spacious, Clean, & Comfortable Facilities
    Enjoy our state-of-the-art, family-friendly facilities with parents
    and siblings of all ages welcome.
  • Life-Skills Martial Arts Curriculum That Delivers Real
    Parents RAVE about the progress their children make both at
    home and in school.


  • Free Trial Fullerton 

  • Free Trial Placentia 

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  • What school does your child go to?

Pick-Up List for All Orange County Schools

We currently pick up children from the following public and private schools.  If your district or school is not listed, please call us at (714) 646-9635 (Placentia) or (888) 672-8922 (Fullerton) and we’ll see if we can add your school to the list!

For Placentia Location

• Golden Elementary
• Van Buren Elementary
• Wagner Elementary
• Sierra Vista Elementary
• Rose Drive Elementary
• Linda Vista Elementary

•Drop-off Available!

For Fullerton Location

• Acacia Elementary
• Beechwood Elementary
• Rolling Hills Elementary
• Olinda Elementary
• Sunset Lane Elementary
• Raymond Elementary
• Fisler Elementary
• Golden Hill Elementary
• Parks Jr. High
• Laguna Road Elementary
• Hermosa Elementary

• Sierra Vista Elementary

  • Brookhaven Elementary

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Martial Arts Academy Difference?

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