Kids Martial Arts Programs Full Article

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes and Programs are the perfect blend of what kids like and parents appreciate.  There’s simply no better way to build a child’s character, increase their confidence, keep them physically fit and have them reach their true potential than with our Kids Martial Arts Programs.

The benefits of these lessons and programs extend far beyond the walls of our facilities and their new behavioral skills will help them succeed in school, at home and in other extracurricular activities.  Take advantage of our No Obligation FREE Class Offer for new students, their parents and their families and see for yourself just how much fun your children can have while learning important life skills in our Kids Martial Arts Program.

Register now and you’ll receive a FREE Martial Arts Uniform in addition to your FREE Class.  The uniform and class are ABSOLUTELY FREE when you register and you are under NO OBLIGATION to do anything more than enjoy the class and the uniform. 

           No Tricks              –              No Gimmicks            –              No Surprises

Choosing the Best Martial Arts Program for You & Your Child

An impressive collection of 1st place trophies and martial arts physical skills might impress your in-laws and help win competitions, but it doesn’t qualify you to teach martial arts to children.

The ability to connect with and teach children is both a skill and a gift and has nothing to do with technical ability.   Finding instructors with the technical skills, the teaching ability and the desire to teach martial arts to children is harder than it sounds.

Most instructors prefer adult students that listen and obey to inquisitive young minds with short attention spans.  Unfortunately for them, adult students are in short supply which leaves them teaching children because they have to, not because they want to!  If that’s the kind of martial arts instructor that you want teaching your children, then American Martial Arts Academy is definitely not the place for you, your children or your family.

Teaching Children is a Rewarding Experience

Our instructors, and our Academy, find teaching martial arts to children to be an overwhelmingly positive and rewarding experience.  We have a distinct advantage over other martial arts schools when it comes to hiring qualified instructors to teach your children and lack of quality instructors has never been an issue with AMAA.

All of our current children’s instructors were kids themselves when they first began martial arts training at AMAA. Thousands of students have grown-up with AMAA over the last 25 years and on occasion, a gifted long-term student will come to the realization that teaching martial arts to children is about as good as it gets!

All of our Kids Martial Arts Programs are uniquely designed to meet or exceed the martial arts expectations of children, as well as parents. Our extraordinary instructors are the crown jewel of our “Difference Makers” and they make choosing the best martial arts program for you, your children and your family a whole lot easier.