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🥇 Meet Justin - He didn't fit in well with other sports & activities...

Meet Justin,

He didn’t fit in well with other sports and activities. When he tried his first karate class at 8 years old, his parents felt this could be the activity that would stick.

“We previously signed him up for several other sports, including basketball, baseball, and swimming. Even though he had friends among his teammates, he did not enjoy any of those sports, and often resisted going to practices and games, and seem disinterested, and sometimes even miserable while participating!” 

Then they began their journey at AMAA, and here’s what happened…

“We chose AMAA since it seemed to have a very robust and structured program for kids, had a convenient schedule for us, and was close by. Justin was a bit uneasy at first, but quickly took to the classes, and for the first time seemed to enjoy participating in something.

We saw that the AMAA program was structured but taught in a fun way, so that was a main reason for him wanting to continue. He had a sense of accomplishment every time he mastered a skill or promoted to a new belt. We could also see his confidence grow through the board-breaking workshops, winning awards in the Competition Tournament, and advancing through the belt ranks.

He took to his training quite well, even through the remote sessions during the COVID pandemic. Not surprisingly, there are occasions where he complains about going to class during the week, but I remind him of his commitment, and once he arrives and gets into class, he always enjoys it. He seems to really enjoy his training with weapons and working with the younger kids. I enjoy watching him progress and improve his skills. 

Justin and I sometimes watch old videos of him performing katas when he was younger, and are taken by the dramatic improvement he has made in form, technique, and confidence.” 

Today, Justin is still training with us as a Black Belt! He has become a great leader & role-model in our dojo and at school!

🎉 Meet Capri & Nico - Their parents wanted them to build focus & make friends...

Meet Capri and Nico,

Their parents came to us hoping that Capri (8 years old) and Nico (6 years old) would learn focus & make friends, and they found so much more!

“We had been seeking some extracurricular activity to help the kids focus and teach them about respect. We found AMAA while on the search for Summer Camps. At the time, the studio was conveniently located down the street from our home on Placentia Ave. We stumbled in one day and were instantly impressed by the instructors, who were beyond kind and courteous. The kids were shortly after enrolled in AMAA’s Summer Camp and provided exposure to Martial Arts for the first time. Capri was eight years old, entering third grade in the fall, and Nico was turning seven, entering first grade. 

At the time, Nico was having a difficult time at school, lacking focus and having a hard time with hand-eye coordination and writing. He was in fact repeating first grade at our request. This was a tough decision but we found that Nico would fare better as the older kid in the class, rather than the youngest in his class. We wanted him to have the time to mature a little before moving on. Capri was doing well in school but needing a social outlet where she could make friends. And, as parents, we needed an after school care situation that we trusted.”

Then they began their journey at our Karate Academy, and here’s what happened…

“After a few weeks in Summer Camp, both kids were thriving. They LOVED the staff and activities at AMAA. After that amazing Summer, it didn’t take much deliberation for us to choose Martial Arts and AMAA as a critical investment in our children, as we knew it would accomplish so much… exposure to self-defense; respect; discipline; rigor; health; communication; and so much more. 

In addition to having a community to belong to, they began learning the essentials of Martial Arts. It was always a pleasure to attend the next promotion and see them improve in their technique and focus. They would even teach us some of the things they were learning at home!

AMAA has been a fundamental and crucial part of our children’s upbringing and we could not be more satisfied or proud of all they have accomplished under AMAA’s awesome, patient, and tenacious guidance. You have become extended members of our family and we are so grateful to all staff and volunteers! “

Today, Nico & Capri are Black Belts! Capri has the skills she needs to take on high school, and Nico has even started helping younger students in class!

👀 Meet William - He was struggling with Focus & Confidence...

Meet William,

William’s family came to us when he was 3 years old. They were looking for a way to develop Focus, Confidence & Discipline.

“When we first started, it wasn’t exactly easy getting him to participate. We struggled getting to class and then focusing in class to complete the session. He would often run off the floor.”

Then a few classes later…

“With the amazing instructors’ help, he eventually gained more focus. The tools they use in class, like ‘Lock-it-Up,’ were great for getting his attention in class and even at home.

Moving through the difficult ranks of belts really helped his confidence. He even began to show more confidence at home and in school. He worked hard at karate and at school, making great improvements along the way.  He started showing great signs of being a leader by helping the younger kids.  

As all kids, he’s had his ups and downs along the journey, but he has never given up. Instead, he has grown into a confident, disciplined young man that has heart in everything he does. I am a very proud mom!”

William is now training with us as a Black Belt! Younger students look up to him as an example of focus and confidence!

💪 Meet David - He needed Confidence to Avoid Bullying at School...

Meet David,

David’s family came to us hoping to build the confidence he needed to avoid bullies at school.

“David was 4 years old when he started karate. He was a somewhat silly, not terribly mature 4 year old. He was just starting to enter TK and Kindergarden and  I was concerned he would be bullied by his classmates.

I wanted him to be strong and sure of himself, to build confidence so he could stand up for himself and avoid fights or bullies.”

Then David began Karate classes at AMAA…

“When we came to our first class, we saw the instructors really cared about the students. They treated them with respect. We brought David in to try his first class… and he LOVED it!

Now David is 12 years old, and he still loves Karate. His focus, coordination, and self-control have improved dramatically. Karate has helped him grow and thrive. It hasn’t always been easy, but he’s never wanted to quit.

I can’t thank AMAA enough for keeping him inspired and wanting to do more. His aspirations to continue, and to train others is something I haven’t seen in him with any other activity. AMAA has become an extended family, and I’m grateful for that. Whatever he does in life, and whatever path he follows, will  certainly be shaped by what he has learned at AMAA.“

Today, David is on our Leadership Team! He especially enjoys helping with the Little Ninja class (3-5 years old) where he helps more students develop confidence and focus!

❤️ Meet Leighton - She came to build Perseverance & Found So Much More...

Meet Leighton,

Leighton didn’t like other sports and activities, her parents were just looking for an activity she could stick to. The confidence Leighton has built was the cherry on top!

“Leighton's karate journey started back in 2015. We had tried a few other sports and activities with her, but she was not really into them. Neither her mom nor I had ever done any type of martial arts before, and we thought we’d give a shot. “

Then they tried their first class…

“Right from the beginning she loved it. She was always excited to go to class and get stickers, practice, do karate drills. She would even practice at home to get her techniques just right. 

She loved Summer camps at the karate studio too! As parents, we loved the fact that we could take her to a summer camp that would also double as her karate class. Not only was she having a great time going places and doing things throughout the summer, but also that by the time we picked her up we could just focus on family time. She formed great friendships with her peers sharing all these memories in the karate community.

Karate instilled a confidence and self-belief in Leighton that surprised us. A few years ago, her girl scout troop needed someone to get up in front of the whole Brea council meeting, open it with an address, and sing the pledge of allegiance. None of the children were particularly excited to do it, but Leighton rose to the challenge and did excellent job. This is just one of many moments I could share were she surprised me and probably did something many adults couldn't do. 

We as parents are so proud that Leighton has persevered and committed to karate. Back in 2015 we didn't know if we would make it to black belt, but seeing the determination and hard work she has put in over the years has given us so much pride and joy for her.”

Leighton has developed a confidence and perseverance that will help her accomplish anything she sets her mind to!

What our families say...

"My girls love this place! Both my girls are in the Black Belt Club and Love it. They enjoy every aspect of the program. They look forward to going to practice and seeing there friends. They practice at home together and look forward to competitions. After gaining full custody of my kids my first step was to get them into a great Karate school. I needed them in a positive, fun and caring environment that would help me mold my girls into being awesome individuals. They are doing a great job! " - Julie Stewart

"American Martial Arts Academy is the premier karate studio in Orange County, if not the world!! This studio is a family-oriented-owned-operated facility that has over & over established themselves as the best place for families.

We have been students of AMAA-Fullerton for over 7 years, my three kids are all enrolled as well as my wife and myself. The staff all represent the same message of integrity, honesty, and respect. They will even pickup your kids from school, take them to the studio, have them do homework and karate class, then have them ready to go home when you pick them up... Can't say enough positive things about these guys!" - Brian Newell



Ages 3-5

 Parents have found children in our Little Ninjas program are better prepared than their peers when they enter preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. Give your kids a jumpstart in life with the benefits of martial arts.


Ages 6-12

Our Kids Martial Arts Programs will help prepare your child for success at home, at school, and in life. Your child will develop skills in key areas such as self-discipline, respect, responsibility, self-confidence, and more.

summer camp

ALL Ages 

Help your kids create amazing memories with our flexible Karate Summer Camp that happens all summer long. Kids will enjoy field trips, karate classes, creative activities, an awesome staff, and much more.