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Why Karate Summer Camp is the Best Option for Your Kids

Children across the nation look forward to hearing that final bell ring announcing the start of summer vacation, but for many working parents and guardians, summer vacation presents the challenge of finding good childcare options.

Summer childcare can be difficult to secure due to the short-term nature of the commitment and many childcare centers being full or even on waiting lists. Plus, tween and young teens, who still need supervision, are too old for these settings. Choosing an option such as hiring an in-home nanny can easily be above most parents’ budget, and if your children are older, they are going to want engaging activities and the ability to socialize with their peers.

A great solution to the summer childcare conundrum can be sending your kids to a great summer camp. There is a myriad of summer camps, featuring topics that run the gamut from sports camps to art camps and everything in between. We feel that one of the best summer camp choices that teach children skills that they can use throughout their lives is karate summer camp, such as the one offered by our great staff at American Martial Arts Academy.

When you choose our karate summer camp, you can rest assured that your children are in good hands. Our trained staff provides supervision that you can count on while keeping your child active and engaged in martial arts activities. They will develop mental discipline, physical strength, and positive relationships when they attend this top-notch summer camp in Orange County.

Karate summer camp is a fantastic way to keep your son or daughter active. We all know that many kids are attached to their phones and video game systems. Research shows they spend far more time sedentary and indoors than generations past, and this can lead to childhood obesity and predispose them to potential health issues.

Our karate summer camp provides your child with exercise and engages them in a physical fitness routine that will keep them healthy. The frequent belt testing in Karate will also help them maintain the motivation to continue this lifestyle over the long term.

Your child will also learn skills during their martial arts summer camp experience that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. Karate teaches self-defense, mental focus, respect of leadership and peers, discipline, and self-control. These aren’t just skills that will allow your child success in the martial arts studio, but in school and their future career. Talk about setting them up for success!

Finally, Your child will have the opportunity to make friends for a lifetime with our karate summer camp. Meeting others from around the area who share common interests will be a wonderful opportunity for your child to connect and grow.

If you are looking for a fresh and exciting alternative for your summer childcare, we invite you to check out our American Martial Arts Academy summer camps today – Click here for more details!