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5 Reasons Summer Camp is Great for Kids

Summer camp gives children experiences and memories that have  life-long, positive benefits. By choosing summer camp for your kids, you are giving them the best opportunity to grow and develop skills and character traits that are hard to develop anywhere else. At the same time, summer camp gives you the peace of mind that your kid is taken care of and still learning valuable skills while out of school.
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Here are the top 5 reasons why great parents choose to send their kids to summer camp:

Less Screen Time

It’s easy for our kids (and ourselves) to get stuck in front of a screen. Summer camp gives kids the opportunity to spend time away from the TV, Internet, etc. and spend time with real people, real activities, and real fun! When kids take a break from screens they engage their creative muscles which will help them be successful in school and for the rest of their lives.

Keeps Kids Active

Kids spend a great deal of time sitting down, whether at school or at home. Camp is a great opportunity for kids to get their bodies moving. Running, swimming, jumping, karate! Physical activity is great for keeping kids healthy and for mental development. If you’re kid goes home tired, they probably had a good day at camp. If they’re asleep, they probably had a great day!

Learn How to Make and Keep Friends

With structured and unstructured play time, kids develop the social skills they need to make friends. Unlike at home and much more than school, kids get to practice creating bonds with others. When conflict does arise, as it does in ordinary life, kids learn how to resolve conflict and build resiliency – important skills to be successful in life.

Learn Independence

At camp, kids begin to practice making their own decisions without parents and teachers guiding every move (of course great counselors are always there to help and support). Children exercise their minds in new ways when they learn to make decisions on their own, helping them succeed in school and in the rest of their lives.

Develop Creativity

Some unstructured play time at camp, let’s your kid practice their creativity. Whether they make up a new game or pretend to be superheroes, camp gives children the freedom they can’t find at home or school to play with their peers. Not only is it a great break from school, but camp helps them grow both mentally and physically.

Bonus Tip: Not every summer camp is the same

Remember those boring camps you were enrolled in as a kid? You’d piece together projects with glue or create some sort of science experiment you hoped your parents would be proud of. Maybe you made some good friends and fun memories – but what about lasting life skills? Many camps fill their days with mindless busy work that leave kids feeling bored. When looking for a summer camp, pay attention to the quality of the counselors and activities that will fill your child’s time. If you want to learn more about what goes into a good summer camp, click here!

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