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Personal Story: How Martial Arts Changed My Life ~ Sensei Jeremy

Sensei Jeremy

Whether you’re looking for karate programs, martial arts classes, or other defense training courses in Fullerton or Placentia, our family owned and operated facility has been serving individuals and families in Orange County for over 25 years, offering the very best martial arts training in our area.

It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you want to start learning karate now or enroll your child in our Kids Martial Arts Program – the benefits of taking martial arts on a consistent basis are undeniable. Not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle, it can help improve self confidence, increase weight loss, improve focus and stillness, and can help people discover an inner strength they never knew possible.

How Martial Arts Makes a Lasting Impact

Today, we have Sensei Jeremy sharing his own personal story about how martial arts propelled him into a life with value, purpose and fulfillment.

“I began martial arts training at the young age of 6. Growing up locally in Fullerton, I actually enrolled in my first program here at Karate OC. I loved it so much, that over 30 years later, I’m now a Sensei at the same facility, training some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

What many people don’t know is how impactful martial arts can be. For me, it provided a unique, life-altering experience. As a hearing impaired child, I had difficulty connecting with my peers and feeling like I was part of their ‘world.’ The structure of martial arts gave me a new found balance and provided a sense of peace and belonging.

After traveling abroad, training in Japan and other schools across the United States, I’ve come to appreciate the sense of community that is cultivated within the AMAA. It has such a welcoming environment that students look forward to each time they join a class. I want everyone to experience the unique and special benefits that come with being part of the American Martial Arts Academy.”

What Local People Are Saying About Karate OC

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