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Letter from Arman – 15 Year Old Black Belt

“Through my experience at American Martial Arts Academy – Placentia, I have grown and learned so much that has benefited me time and time again. I started out at 11 years old in the middle of sixth grade; now I’m approaching sophomore year at age 15. This 3-year time has become an invaluable period of my life for many reasons.

“When I first came to AMAA’s Placentia Campus, I was treated with respect even though I was a pre-teen, unlike other schools I visited.”

“I have found myself changing as a person as I have progressed through the ranks. I am a lot more independent now, thinking about my own eating habits, exercise, and time management. These skills have been invaluable and have resulted in an increase in my grades and quality of life.  Karate was something I did whether I had a good day or a bad day. It was a place where I could go and learn; could always improve; could always be better the next day then I was today.”

As a high schooler, my life is changing fast with higher expectations, but I hope I will always have this special place to go to.”


– Arman A., Age 15, Black Belt