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What School Teachers say about our Karate Classes

January 26, 2017

To whom it may concern,

I am writing about the experiences my school had with Sensei Nikhil Joshi. It has been a pleasure to have Mr. and Mrs. Joshi work with our students. We invited them to teach our kindergarten through fourth grade classes for a week. They brought a level of professionalism to each class. Their classroom management was excellent. The teachers showed up on time and kept the classes engaged with excitement for the entire class. Our students learned basic Karate moves but most importantly they learned specific life skills related to Stranger Danger, how to escape and how to handle the situation.

What I loved most about the time they spent here was how they taught the kids to be respectful. Every command that Sensei Joshi said was followed with a Yes Sir from the students. This form of respect has still been happening in my classes with me.

Not only am I a teacher, but I have a first grader at my school. To see him excited about learning something new in Physical Education showed me that we made the right choice in bringing the Joshi’s to our school. Not only would my son be excited when he had Karate in PE class, but he would bring it home and show his younger sister some of the moves and teach her.

I look forward to having them at our school again and would recommend them to any school that wants to: teach their students something new, teach their students to engage each other and their elders with respect, and give their students basic knowledge for real world situations that they could come across.

Thank you,
Seth McCraw
Physical Education,
Friends Christian School
Yorba Linda, CA