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“It has been almost 4 years since my last review of American Martial Arts Academy and we still love it here! My son has earned his Junior Black Belt, my husband is in the process of testing for his Black Belt, and I am on my way to the goal too. This place is more than a fitness center, it’s an extended family. The owners and instructors are fun, hard-working, and compassionate. There is plenty of friendly competition among the students, but the emphasis is on developing the best character traits in ourselves, like determination, courage, service, and gratitude. My husband and I agree that AMAA was one of the best investments we ever made in partnering with an organization to help us raise our son and create fun family memories.”

Kathleen R., Harbor - Yelp Review

“My 2 younger boys have been attending AMAA for 4 1/2 years now. They have worked so hard over the years and have been taught so many ways to not only defend themselves in a situation but how to also not put themselves in bad situations. Anytime I had a question or a concern with my boys the staff has always been quick to help and offer any advice that I could do at home also. I am hoping that my boys will continue their journey to 1 day be a Black Belt at AMAA. Thank you to the entire staff at both locations.”

Dannessa T., Placentia/Yorba Linda - Yelp Review

“We love it! We did the free class and my son loved it. We signed up for one year that night. We go three times a week and my son absolutely loves it. We love the discipline and respect he is learning. We also like that it’s all about his individual achievements whereas on team sports he was compared to other players. The instructors are all super nice and approachable. They’re great with the kids and somehow know all of their names. The reason I picked American Martial Arts Academy in the first place was their class hours. Most of the other places didn’t offer evening classes for beginners or if they had an evening class it was once a week. My husband and I both work full time and can’t do afternoon classes. We plan to keep him here through black belt and beyond. He already says he wants to be an instructor.”

Tara F., Harbor - Yelp Review

“My son has been a student at AMAA for 3 years. He absolutely loves it! It has helped him immensely, especially at school. He self-confidence and focus has improved so much. The staff is excellent! They always take the time to say hello. They are helpful, accommodating and very patient. I love that my son has such excellent role models on a weekly basis. I know there a lot of Karate studios in the area, but in my opinion, this one is the best! Thank you AMAA!”

Lori D., Placentia/Yorba Linda - Yelp Review

“This place is great. Been part of the AMAA family for nearly a year and can’t say enough good things about the place. Instructors are great with kids. They’re both knowledgeable in the art of karate and terrific with children. There are classes for both adults and children along with special events for all to attend and participate. The facility is clean and friendly, and a great place for parents to come do some work on their laptop while the little one attends class.

The location is great as the dojo is located in a mall with other food locals and a supermarket incase your running late and want a snack before class. Bottom line, the place does what is promised. The instructors teach discipline, promote exercise, while instilling confidence. All at the pace of each unique individual. The place is low pressure and very family friendly. Oh they also have after school camp and summer camps as well. Give them a chance…especially if your child could use a boost in the confidence, discipline, or physical activity department.”

E. A., Harbor - Yelp Review

“What a wonderful set of senseis/ instructors they have here ! They are patient, kind, and respectful. My son has quickly been able to advance to different colored belts on his journey to black belt. We have enjoyed the graduation ceremonies and displays/shows from advanced karate students. We are looking forward to the future to see him get all the way to black belt.”

Jody R., Placentia/Yorba Linda - Yelp Review

“This karate studio is incredible. The teachers are so knowledgeable and wonderful with my kids. Sensei Deere is especially great, I have a special needs son and his attitude at home and at school has improved in ways I never even thought possible. I love sitting in on the classes in their amazing parent lounge (with WiFi- might I add) and watching my kids have fun and learn. I’m so grateful for AMAA, I have tears in my eyes when I talk to my husband about how much our kids are benefitting from classes here. Thank you guys so much for all you have done for our family.”

Meg M., Harbor - Yelp Review

“There are lots of Martial Arts schools out there, but you’d be hard pressed to find one as family-friendly and helpful as AMAA in Placentia.

Helpful, knowledgeable instructors, a great group of people in the classes, and a convenient location – it’s a win all around.

I brought my (then) 4 year old here for his first test classes, and he’s still having fun as he turns 6. I (his dad) have joined as well, and take classes at the same time. The studio actually altered their schedule to have a class that parents could take at the same time as their kids. That’s fantastic customer/student care.

If you’re in the Placentia/Brea area, and are looking for a Martial Arts school, I highly recommend AMAA.

Do like I did, and get your child out of the “soccer”, “softball” or “football” grind, and get them in Karate. Better yet, take a class as well, and make it a family activity! You won’t regret it.”

Jeff F., Placentia/Yorba Linda - Yelp Review

“AMAA has provided a wonderful growth experience for our sons. They are more focused, with better self-control & self-esteem.”


“My six year old boy/girl twins began attending the AMAA after-school program after a lot of debate between my husband and I. They started in Kindergarten and are currently completing first grade. To say that we’re happy with our decision to send our kids to the caring and disciplined environment provided by the Karate Studio would be an understatement. It has, without a doubt, been one of the best, most influential decisions we’ve made as parents. My husband and I are firm believers in the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” AMAA has created a nurturing, safe, structured, and caring environment. The Karate Studio has filled the role of “village” for our family by providing the support system and safe environment that our children need to grow into confident responsible adults. Thank you AMAA!”


“My 9-year-old son has been working toward his junior black belt for several years now at American Martial Arts Academy. The instructors truly care about his success and they make the training fun. They are not just teaching him karate though – they are also mentoring him on how to be a responsible, respectful, considerate, and confident young man. This is a professional organization with a family-run heart. Joining AMAA is one of the best choices we have made so far in our little guy’s life. I highly recommend AMAA.”


“I have been training at American Martial Arts Academy for fifteen months now. Sensei Wenneberg and the rest of the instructors are great, they all take not only an intrust in your training but as you as a person outside of the dojo. Since I have been going to AMAA I have learned how to focus on my goals in all areas of my life.”


“My 10 yr. old son was interested in resuming martial arts training after a 6 year hiatus – yes, his last set of classes were back in pre-school! After visting/reviewing several dojos and reading reviews from fellow Yelpers, I decided to enroll him into AMAA. I am so grateful I did! The instructors are fabulous, the schedule is flexible to support our needs, and the dojo is immaculate. My son’s been attending for the last month, and is anxious to go whenever possible. I am very, very pleased with his progress (some really great values and life lessons happening here!) and encourage any individual or parent who is looking for a studio, whether for yourself or your child, to check them out!”


“I have watched the dojo grow into an excellent place to learn not only karate, but life skills and self defense as well. And for the younger students I see it is building coordination and valve, but must of all I see it builds confidence. And for these younger students, it its never too early to teach our children how to say no to all the negative influences, like drugs and alcohol. A great place for families to train together.”



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