Letter from Arman – 15 Year Old Black Belt

“Through my experience at American Martial Arts Academy – Placentia, I have grown and learned so much that has benefited me time and time again. I started out at 11 years old in the middle of sixth grade; now I’m approaching sophomore year at age 15. This 3-year time has become an invaluable period of my life for many reasons. … “When I first came to AMAA’s Placentia Campus, I was treated with res… View Article

Why Parents are Saying No to Traditional Youth Sports & Yes to Kids Martial Arts

Children’s participation in Martial Arts has grown exponentially over the last 10-15 years in the U.S. and it has made a positive and long lasting impression on millions of children as well as their parents.  Once considered foreign, it’s now an accepted mainstream alternative to traditional youth team sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer. No other traditional or non-traditio… View Article

The Natural Prescription Supplement for Kids with ADHD – Martial Arts

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD, is one of the most widespread and potentially devastating disorders facing our children today.  The symptoms associated with ADHD are uncontrollable restlessness, a severe lack of focus, difficulty controlling behavior and extreme hyperactivity. Children with ADHD experience a greater degree of conflict in the home and at school… View Article

What School Teachers say about our Karate Classes

January 26, 2017 To whom it may concern, I am writing about the experiences my school had with Sensei Nikhil Joshi. It has been a pleasure to have Mr. and Mrs. Joshi work with our students. We invited them to teach our kindergarten through fourth grade classes for a week. They brought a level of professionalism to each class. Their classroom management was excellent. The teachers showed up on time… View Article

True Warrior Spirit

Dear Shihan, I wanted to share with you an example of true warrior spirit that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. You may remember that Mr. Geitner and Joseph share a birthday. Joseph expressed about a month ago that he wanted to do a gift exchange. He had thought about what to get Mr. Geitner and settled on an, as he put it, “old style writing pen” or fountain type pen. He approached Mr. Gei… View Article

5 Reasons Why to Start Karate Today!

Improved Report Cards: Our  kids karate curriculum is designed to teach children the importance of concentration. Improved concentration means that your child will learn more at school. Therefore, you can expect your child to receive better grades for both academics and attitude. Karate Builds Healthy Kids: Karate is a great work-out. Your child will breathe better, eat better and sleep bette… View Article

How to Choose a Martial Arts School for Children Part 4

Part 4 of 4 How does the tuition work? One of the other keys to finding the perfect martial arts school for you is the tuition. Now while the investment you are making is important, the bottom-line figure is again not the most critical piece. In general, the rule in all commerce is you get what you pay for. For some items, that is not as critical. But for most, especially when it comes to our chil… View Article

How to Choose a Martial Arts School for Children Part 3

Part 3 of 4 3) Does style matter? A common question we get asked is what’s the difference between Karate and Taekwondo and . While there are some fundamental differences between each style, most differences are not seen at the beginner level. An upper block is an upper block, a punch is a punch, and a kick is a kick. What matters most is the school and the instructors. I have seen some amazing kar… View Article


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